Saturday, January 19, 2008

Children's these days still have to do a lot to make to there survival out in this world as of now still children's are begging , they are still running behind trains , begging for alms at traffic signals , working as a helper at small time shops hotels and tea shops at every signals, I am not a social worker and nor am I trying to say that I will do this or this is nonsense what I am trying to tell here is few works of these poor children's are yet to be appreciated in a good way, like for instance this snaps I am showing you here this snaps I took of three children's who walk on trampoline and for other children who are watching them and because they want to study and earn for living I really appreciated their work , so i went and asked some thing about them they said they are munni, kavita and bittu. Both these girls walk on this trampoline and the boy was very much the encoraging one who was making them feel easy and was shouting loud and bringing people around them. They said we do this because we are poor and need food in family and some money for studies in municipality schools. I tried to take their closeup pics but they were not comfortably so i didn't. Next time you see some children who are working for their living at least go up to them and appreciate their work they will be more eager to work and study don't forget to tell them they have to keep studying and not give up on the studies.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Music player use it carefully or it might blast lolzzz just kidding have fun and enjoy the music people.

For all the pool players have fun.....


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